Adverse Weather Plan

In the event of adverse weather conditions, travelling to and from school may become more difficult. All SLC schools have plans in place which includes a priority pathway to and from the entrance gate. Janitors therefore are under instruction as to where and when gritting is necessary. At Udston Primary, the priority gate is the MUGA entrance (Route 1). However, if weather conditions are particularly treacherous, the priority route is the front pedestrian gate (Route 2). The back gate would not be used in Adverse Weather Plans.

Every effort is always made to open the MUGA gate, where possible. We will however aim to update families in the event that the MUGA gate is closed, using the school App &/or Twitter).

The Adverse Weather Plan arrangements for before 9am are the same as our current timeline during COVID-19 restrictions.

In the event of insufficient numbers of staff being in the building at 9am, a decision regarding any potential school closure would be made at the time and families notified accordingly (usually via our App & Twitter).

Please click on the link below to view the Adverse Weather Plan diagram.

Adverse Weather Plan