Parent Council Page


Welcome to the Parent Council Page!

As a Council, we normally meet monthly, more often on the run up to an event. We have 3 main priorities:

  1.        To raise funds that will directly benefit the school and pupils
  2.        To represent the views of parents to the school
  3.        To work with the school on key issues e.g. school extension

Minutes of our meetings can be seen on this page and parents / carers are welcome to attend any of our meetings.

If you would like the Parent Council to raise an issue at one of these meetings, please email us at or speak to one of our members directly. Members of the Parents Council for the 2019 – 2020 school year are:

Christopher Barclay– Chair Person

Julie Whelan- Vice Chair Person

Margaret Murray- Secretary

Liz Morrison– Treasurer

Richard McKenzie – Baird, Faiza Baqir, Jean Miller, Lisa Warren, Joanna Clabburn, Gillian Scott, Nicola Philp, Tosh Sandhu, Sheena Chadwick, Laura Rainbow, Nicole Clark, Arlaine McDonald and Lauretta Carey