‘All About Me’ Home Learning Project


Our final whole-school Home Learning Project of the session will be based on the theme of ‘All About Me’. From 8 – 24 June, children are being asked to complete a range of cross-curricular learning activities based on this theme – we would urge all children to join in with this project, in a way that suits your current home and family circumstances. It is an excellent opportunity for children to share important facts and information about themselves, consider their likes and dislikes, reflect on their talents and strengths, and get them thinking about their next steps as they prepare to return to school in August.

Please click on the links below to access your child’s ‘All About Me’ Project Plans:

Early Level (P1) All About Me Project

First Level (P2, P3 & P4) All About Me Project

Second Level (P5, P6 & P7) All About Me Project


Udston’s Got Talent

You didn’t think we would let a school year go by without having our annual, ever so popular, ‘Udston’s Got Talent’, did you?

To link in with our ‘All About Me’ Project, we will be running a ‘virtual’ UGT from 15-24 June. We are inviting children to record a video of themselves performing their talent, lasting a maximum of 2 minutes 20 seconds. Please post it to Twitter tagging @udston_primary between 15-24 June. If you cannot access Twitter but would still like to join in, please email your child’s talent video to gw11turnbullrebecca@glow.sch.uk (Rooms 1-6) or gw07drennansusan01@glow.sch.uk (Rooms 7-12) and we will post it for you. Remember to tell us which House your child is in when you share their video. We can’t WAIT to see the talent on offer this year!

Ever wondered if our staff have talent too? Keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter page next week to find out…

*NEW* Sports Day Home Learning Project


‘Sports Day’ Home Learning Project

Dear Families,

Our teachers have been working in teams this week to create these fantastic ‘Sports Day’ Home Learning Planners for Early, First & Second Level. This project will run from 26 May – 5 June. There are lots of fun learning activities covering different curricular areas which will help your child deepen their knowledge and skills in a new context. We would strongly encourage all families to participate in this project in some way, choosing which activities you do and when. Please remember to email your child’s class teacher any photographs, videos or updates as they love seeing them. We just love seeing messages, photos and video clips on Twitter too so please tag us @udston_primary.

Early Level (P1) Sports Day Home Learning Planner

First Level (P2, P3 & P4) Sports Day Home Learning Planner

Second Level (P5, P6 & P7) Sports Day Home Learning Planner

Remember, our virtual Sports Day will be taking place on Twitter from 26 May – 5 June with staff sharing a sporting challenge for families to complete each day. We are asking you to share messages, photographs or videos on Twitter of your child taking part and to post a coloured love heart to show which House they belong to, if they can remember – Belhaven – Blue, Fleming – Green, Wellcroft – Yellow & Kelvin – Red! 

We hope families enjoy taking part in this project and we look forward to hearing and seeing what you get up to.

May Newsletter & Week 4 ‘Our Planet’ Project


Dear Families,

Please click on the images below to read our May Newsletter.

Page 1 May NewsletterPage 2 May Newsletter

You can access a PDF version by clicking here.

Week 4 – People/Culture

our planet clipart

The final theme in our ‘Our Planet’ Home Learning Project is ‘People/Culture’. Please click on your child’s stage to access the plans for Week 4 (18th May). Remember to share your learning on Twitter by tagging us @udston_primary.

Week 4 – Early Level (P1) Home Learning Planner

Week 4 – First Level (P2, P3 & P4) Home Learning Planner

Week 4 – Second Level (P5, P6 & P7) Home Learning Planner

To access the plans for the previous weeks, please click here. Remember, you can join in with the project at any point. There are lots of fun and engaging activities for your child to choose from.

‘Our Planet’ Project – Week 3

our planet clipart

 Life Under Water 

Monday 11th May is the start of Week 3 of our ‘Our Planet’ whole-school project and the theme this week is ‘Life Under Water’. So far, families have learned about ‘Weather/Seasons’ and ‘Life On Land’ and teachers are enjoying hearing and seeing the activities their pupils have been participating in at home through their weekly email contact with families. We also love it when you tag us on Twitter (@udston_primary) and share photographs so please keep doing that!

You can access electronic copies of the Week 3 Project plans below. You can also access Week 1 & 2 planners here.

Week 3 – Early Level (P1) Home Learning Planner

Week 3 – First Level (P2, P3 & P4) Home Learning Planner

Week 3 – Second Level (P5, P6 & P7) Home Learning Planner

very important

Please remember, we NEED you to keep in touch with your child’s class teacher once a week. This lets us know our families are safe and well. Please still get in touch even if your child hasn’t taken part in any of the school’s suggested home learning activities, class teachers would still love to hear from you. Emailing their teacher is an excellent real-life writing opportunity for children too, it is also a great way to develop their ICT skills. The weekly emails allow children and families to ‘connect’ with the school and this is really important right now – we are all missing each other!

Please remember if you need help, support or a listening ear, please get in touch with a member of the Senior Leadership Team via email – we are here to help. You can find our email addresses in the Home Learning Newsletter below as well as your child’s class teacher’s email address.

IMG_1620 IMG_1609 IMG_1608

‘Our Planet’ Project – Week Two

keep in touch

We hope families have enjoyed participating in Week 1 of the ‘Our Planet’ Project. It has been lovely seeing photographs and hearing what children have been learning at home. Parents/carers, we know how difficult it is juggling home learning and trying to manage all of your other day-to-day commitments, especially at such a strange and unsettling time. So, in case you need to hear it – you are doing a great job! The expectation is not for you to recreate formal schooling at home and your child does not need to complete every single activity – it is an opportunity for them to deepen their learning in new and different ways that fit in with family life.

Please remember, we NEED you to keep in touch with your child’s class teacher once a week. This lets us know our families are safe and well. Please still get in touch even if your child hasn’t taken part in any of the school’s suggested home learning activities, class teachers would still love to hear from you!

Week 2 ‘Our Planet’ Project Plans

our planet clipart

Please click on your child’s stage to access the project plans for Week 2 (4th May). Have fun and remember to tag us in any photos or updates via our Twitter @udston_primary.

Week 2 – Early Level (P1) Home Learning Planner

Week 2 – First Level (P2, P3 & P4) Home Learning Planner

Week 2 – Second Level (P5, P6 & P7) Home Learning Planner

Learning At Home – Information for Families


Dear Families,

Please click on the link below to read our most recent newsletter which includes information relating to Home Learning, contacting staff, community and wellbeing supports and free school meals.

Learning At Home Newsletter – April 2020

our planet clipart

‘Our Planet’ Whole School Project

Our fantastic teaching staff have been working together to plan an exciting whole school four week project based on the shared theme of ‘Our Planet’. Please click on your child’s stage to access the project plans for week 1 (27th April).

Week 1 – Early Level (P1) Home Learning Planner

Week 1 – First Level (P2, P3 & P4) Home Learning Planner

Week 1 – Second Level (P5, P6 & P7) Home Learning Planner

Welcome ‘Back’!


Welcome ‘back’ to our Udston families! We hope you are safe and well at home. We have certainly missed seeing the children’s smiley faces and hearing their news today. Class teachers have updated their Class Pages with a special message and challenge for this week.

We will be in touch later in the week with more information about Home Learning – please continue to refer to our Twitter, website and Education City for learning suggestions. BBC Bitesize have launched some fantastic daily lessons too which you can access here:


Most importantly though, look after each other and take care.


The Team at Udston :-)

Home Learning


A very warm welcome to Udston Primary School’s Home Learning Page. Firstly, we hope all of our wonderful children are safe, healthy and happy – we miss you all!

Behind the scenes, our fantastic Teaching Staff have being working hard to create relevant revision activities for our learners and have posted these in their Class Pages. Teaching Staff are also currently adding appropriate learning activities, based on these revision areas, to each child’s Education City Classwork Folder – we will notify families once this is available. We are sure you are aware that Education City have been experiencing technical issues due to the high volume of users accessing the site. They have assured us that they are working hard to rectify this issue. As you know, we are updating Twitter multiple times a day and sharing some fantastic educational links and ideas. We have collated these in the ‘Ideas & Links’ section of our ‘Home Learning’ area.  If you have any difficulties accessing Education City, please choose another idea from our suggestions until it is back up and running. Miss Arneil has also put together a Digital Learning Home Revision Guide for P1-7 which you can access below.

We would like to reiterate that the Health & Wellbeing of our pupils, and you, their families, is what matters most to us. Spend time together as a family, talk, play, read, laugh, listen to some music, dance, watch your favourite film or cook dinner together. Do not put yourself, or your children, under pressure to complete the suggested revision activities. We understand, however, that you might be looking for some ideas and guidance so we have provided these Home Learning Revision documents as a helping hand. Please click on your child’s class to access these.

Ideas & Links

Digital Learning Home Revision P1-7

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3 

Room 4

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7

Room 8

Room 9

Room 10

Room 11

Room 12

Most children should be aware of their learning groups e.g. for phonics & spelling word lists, if you need a reminder please email gw14udstonpsoffice@glow.sch.uk.

If you would like to share what you are up to at home, please tag us on Twitter @Udston_Primary.

Stay safe and well everyone – we hope it won’t be too long before we are all reunited!


The Staff at Udston Primary School :-)