October Week

time to relax

Thank you to everyone who came to our parent/carer visits yesterday, and to those who took the time to add a comment to our feedback board.

We would like to wish all families an enjoyable and relaxing break and we will see all pupils back on Monday 22nd October!

Happy holidays!

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Parent/Carer visits last night. It was lovely to see, and chat to so many families. Can we also say a big thank you to our P6 & P7 time keepers! They did an excellent job and the feedback was very positive.

Please see the ‘pupil area’ for this weeks award winners.

We hope you all have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing pupils back on Monday 23rd October.

holiday clipart

Parent/Carer Visits


To avoid or minimise appointments over-running, we will have some of our senior pupils outside each class. They will quietly take a note of when each appointment starts and will respectfully knock on the class door just before the next appointment is scheduled to start.

Appointments for each class are over a four hour period, which means that appointment times last approximately 7 minutes per pupil.

We were very aware of timings over-running last session, so want to avoid undue waiting time for families.

As ever, we will be very interested in feedback and hope that you enjoy your visit with us tomorrow.